Info about the Games
Is a boxed set of 110 double sided, matt laminated cards.
It contains two instruction cards; one for the individual game (see below for free downloadable support booklet) and one for the pairs game.
Each card has a multiplication fact, a diagram to represent it and the answer.
It can be used to coach students in a personalised way or as an interactive group activity.
Play it at school or at home.
The Individual Game
This game can be used as part of a personalised, multisensory program to coach a student to times tables success.

A student and a mentor should play it about three times per week.

Parents can play it with their children to develop times tables confidence.

The diagrams really reinforce the concept of multiplication.

Hearing the multiplication facts along with the answers reinforces them in the student’s head.

The support booklet has been designed to identify problems, suggest an order of teaching and to keep records. You will need a stop watch facility to record personal best times.

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The Pairs Game
This game can be used regularly in a group (two or more) setting.

It encourages students to find equivalent multiplication facts.

They use all of their sensory channels, just as in the individual game.

They learn from their peers.

The game encourages spatial thinking.

It reinforces the fact that for example, 2 x 3 = 3 x 2.

The diagrams highlight the fact that 0 x anything is zero.
“ Saying the facts out loud really
makes them stick in your head.”     
Victoria age 13
“I have the cards set up as a team starter. I ask teams of students to explain to each other why a square number is a square number. The pictures are so powerful in the explanation. We discuss factors, multiples and primes too.”
Sarah, Two Boats School
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