Parents Section
Tips for Parents using Turn Tables
Play the individual game about twice per week with your son/daughter to help them understand and realise the importance of times tables.

Encourage siblings to play the pairs game together to reinforce their learning and allow them to learn from each other.

Magnet the cards your son or daughter are working on to the fridge and encourage then to play before they raid it!

If you are happy with the game then show the box to your child’s teacher to help establish a common approach to your child’s learning.

Do not let your son or daughter finish primary school without understanding times tables. If its too late for that then make it an absolute priority in years seven and eight.

When playing the games with them never say “I was /am no good at times tables!”.

Reward them for their progress.

Remember they need not learn “off by heart” as long as they can work out the answer.

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“I bought a set of Turn Tables for my daughter who started hating times tables at school when she was put on the spot during numeracy lessons. She is making excellent progress but most of all her self-confidence has come back.” Sue, mum of two, Worcestershire
“My 8 and 9 year old children and I play who can get the fastest time, with the individual game. They love the fact that they can beat me – sometimes!” Mike, Newcastle

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